Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring an Orphan

The annual sponsorship fee is $1,200 per child. This covers food, clothing, shelter, routine health care and education. We also require that all sponsors have a strong trusting relationship with Christ, since we encourage the development of a personal relationship through frequent emails between each orphan and his or her sponsor.

In addition to communicating with the children via email, we make twice yearly visits to the orphanage and invite sponsors to join us to meet the child they sponsor. The cost of these visits is based on the actual cost which is approximately $2,500 – $3,000 per person including all airfare, room, board, meals, and ground transportation. These trips are limited to a total of six people. Contact us If you are interested in finding out more about sponsoring a child.

Other Needs

The Tumaini School is currently running a deficit of approximately $10,000 each year. This is because we are in an extremely poor area of Kenya and all of the parents of outside school children cannot afford to pay the fees to keep our school profitable. Any help you could give us in that area would be greatly appreciated.